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Milling the World’s Grains, Seeds, Legumes, Herbs and Spices.

The equipment supplied under the Hippo Mills program includes the ever popular range of Hippo hammer mills (unique and manufactured since 1928), the increasingly sought after Universal Mill (a single mill with plate, stone, hammer and pin mill attachments), the UMS range of stone mills with Danish Engsko stones since 1885).
A range of medium capacity grain cleaners and aspirators together with a grain polisher and rotary sifter completes the scope of supply under this program. Other programs exist for large scale grain mills, feed mills, extrusion and expelling, corn-soy-blend plants, silo storage, grain handling and drying, wood processing and other activities but is not focussed on the European market.
The range of equipment for the European market is specially selected to service the medium scale processor of organic and whole processed grains, oilseeds and legumes, as well as spices and herbs of a wide variety, in an affordable though efficient and safe manner.
All equipment is made in South Africa by Hippo Mills, since 1928 a trusted name in the manufacture and supply of equipment for agriculture and processing.

The milling of sugar into icing sugar and castor sugar is done Processing products into animal feeds is also done extremely efficiently on

Milling the World’s Industrial Products.

Other than the processing of foodstuffs for human and animal consumption, Hippo Mills offers hammer mills to reduce in size, a myriad of industrial products from chemicals to metals and waste products through its very robust range of Hippo hammer mills with input kW ranging between 2.2kw and 90kW.

The following industrial materials have for instance, been successfully ground :

Depending on the application, virtually dust free environments can be created where this is a concern while normal operations allows for highly reduced dust during processing.

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